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Formed by Canadians. For Canadians.

CASDT mission is to collaboratively bring together the best practices encompassing service dog training standards and methods within Canada.


CD Chairman

John Dugas

Johns over four years running service dog training for the Courageous Companions Owner Trained Program in Edmonton Alberta as well as working with certified Service Dog teams conducting service dog assessments, public access testing and certification testing when required.

George Leonard


George Leonard

Captain George Leonard is a Master Trainer with MSAR. When speaking with him you will quickly discover how passionate he is about dogs. Unlike most of us, who merely love canines, Leonard truly understands them. His friends label him as the true "dog whisperer," he says


Vice President

Heather Logan

When she was 12, Heather A. Logan trained her collie mix, Kim, to retrieve after watching a neighbour working his Labrador Retrievers. Kim went on to become an indispensable mink retriever during the 1960’s on the family’s mink ranch. Heather became hooked on animal behaviour and training.

Brian Archer


Brian Archer, B.Comm, MBA

Although Brian is not a veteran, he has a significant background with non-profit groups that have provided help to Veterans and First Responders.  This includes being an active member with the British Columbia Regiment (DOCO)  Assn.

Brian is a founding Director of Citadel Canine Society, a founding Director with Honour House Society, a founding Director with Equitas Society, and a key supporter of the Police Memorial Ribbon Society.

Brian also served for nearly 18 years as a BC Director with the Canadian Forces Liaison Council.  In his spare time he has served for a collective 38 years on the Boards of several larger volunteer based community organizations in the BC Lower Mainland, including the Abbotsford Air Show Society.

His business background is highlighted by research and then management positions with Canadian Pacific, and several larger financial planning and investment firms.

Canadian Association Of Service Dog Trainers


Chip Kean, MMM, CD, ACDBC

Chip joined the Canadian Forces in 1973 and has been involved in dog training since 1975.

His career in the military gave him some unique opportunities to obtain dog training education in all levels of Obedience, Tracking, Scent Detection and Protection Training from a Canadian Forces Kennel Master, RCMP and OPP Canine Handlers and the RAF Marham Dog Unit.

In 1978 his first German Shepherd "Max" earned his Companion Dog Excellent title. Chip was the head trainer of the Gander Obedience School.

He was also the Head Trainer for the Nipissing Kennel Club during his first tour in North Bay from 1979 to 1982. As well as Schutzhunde training while on his tour in Germany from 1982 to 1986. In 1989 he was transferred back to North Bay and has made the city his home.

He has recently accepted the position of Senior Trainer & Behaviour Consultant for Citadel Canine Service. These institutions train and provide Service Dogs to Military, Police and First Responders who suffer from PTSD.

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