Canada's Only Federally Incorporated Medical Service Dog Trainer's Association

Formed by Canadians

For Canadians

CASDT mission is to collaboratively bring together the best practices encompassing service dog training standards and methods within Canada.


1.  To foster the growth and development of a Canadian-based and managed professional service dog trainers’ organization that in turn will work with end users of service dogs, directly related stakeholders and organizations, and governmental regulators of service dogs, in order to enhance public access for service dogs, and ensure the production of service dogs of the highest quality within Canada

2.  To work with members of the Association to develop an internal code of ethics, and create Quality Assurance Benchmarks and Best Practices for the training and delivery of service dogs, and related guidelines

3.  To support independent research initiatives, conduct public forums and trade shows, produce Media releases, and interact with governmental regulators, each with the collective goal of improving the public acceptance for service dogs within Canada

4.  To produce and circulate internal information relevant to the collective mission of the members within the Association

5.  To foster a sense of unity and common purpose within the Canadian service dog community

6.  The Association will operate on an exclusively not-for-profit basis


Membership Application

Applicants must either be a Canadian service dog trainer or work with a Canadian service dog-training organization that is in good standing.

Please note that membership will be for a period of one year and shall be renewable by January 30th of each year.

Applicants that apply and are approved throughout the year will only be charged a membership fee for the remainder of the year.

Only one person/representative from each service dog training organization will be eligible to apply for membership.

A non-refundable membership fee will be paid once an application has been reviewed and approved.


Voting Membership

To be eligible for Voting Membership the following conditions must be met:

  1. Be an active Canadian service dog training organization in good standing.
  2. Train a service dog team(s) where the dog is individually trained to perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability. Registered business or charity either provincially or federally.
  3. Train a minimum of one medical service dog team per year.
  4. Be willing to complete, agree and sign and submit required documentation, as per the membership application process.
  5. Have and be able to provide proof of Insurance coverage for Service Dog Training Operations (Minimum of $2,000,000 General Liability).
  6. Be in good standing within the Service Dog Community.
  7. Have had no Legal Liability claims for Service Dog work.
  8. Maintain Vulnerable Sector Checks.

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